"Left 4 Dead 2" Trailer

Oh it's on people! The trailer for "Left 4 Dead 2" has hit the intertubes and it's 100% bonerz, whatever that means. This video, which is just shy of 3 minutes, doesn't appear to show any actual gameplay but it does lead me to believe that there will be a much richer story mode in the second outing. Although the primary strength of the series is multiplayer, you can only get your ass kicked by 15 year olds online for so long before you start to feel like less of a man.

With a whole new set of characters and some nasty additions to the zombie crew this looks to be a great upgrade from the already solid game we had in the original "Left 4 Dead". The game will hit shelves on November 17th and you can find me on Xbox Live as JoeyCNews, most likely with Mark (markforbrains) carrying my ass again.


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