Kevin Smith On "Twilight"

Alright it’s confession time here people. I have something that’s been eating away at me for months now and I need to get it off my chest. I, Joe… blogger of this horror site… have seen the film “Twilight”. There I said it. Wait there’s more, I actually didn’t hate the movie. I’m not saying I enjoyed it but I didn’t think it was awful either. Alright the baseball scene was ridiculous but other than that I found it to be at least tolerable. Feels good to finally get that out.

Kevin Smith has apparently seen the film also or at the very least took some time out to watch a few youtube videos of people watching clips of the next installment of the film series at Comic-Con. Smith makes a pretty valid point in the clip that these kids are the next generation of geeks that are going to be keeping the nerd flag flying. He goes on from there and his thoughts are pretty damn funny. Funnier than I’ve ever found his films to be, actually. Enjoy.

And here's the clip Smith is referring to.


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