"It Came From Kuchar" Trailer

I don't know why, but documentaries on the processes and machinations of making Z-grade horror are like crack to me. Whether it's something like "American Movie", "Horror Business", or the recent release "Blood, Boobs & Beast", I find myself absolutely fascinated with the kind of people who make this crap. I would never in a million years want to do what they do, or even watch their movies, and yet there is something so straightforward and genuine about these people you almost always end up falling in love with them by the time the movie's over.

What we have here is a "trailer" for a film that just debuted at SXSW called "It Came From Kuchar", about the "legendary" horror directors the Kuchar brothers.

It Came From Kuchar is the definnitive documentary film about the legendary underground filmmakers George and Mike Kuchar.

Alongside Andy WArhol and Kenneth Anger, the Kuchar brothers were pioneering members of the 1960's, New York underground film scene.

The Kuchar brothers have inspired some of the most creative filmmakers of our time - including John Waters, Atom Egoyan, Todd Solondz, Pedro Almadovar, Phil Kaufman, Christopher Coppola, Guy Maddin and many more.

This film includes interviews with many of these artists, features archival undergruond footage and will follow the insane production process of George's latest creations!

Here's the trailer, or at least the closest thing to one I could find that's embeddable. For more info, visit ItCameFromKuchar.com

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