5 Questions With Disasterpeace, the Musical Mastermind Behind the "It Follows" Soundtrack

"It Follows" has been taking the horror world by storm this month with it's finely crafted tension and suspense.  One of the key elements of that tension comes from the stand out score by Disasterpeace.  Packed with many tonal elements to set the mood and make you feel off center, it makes for an audio experience that we haven't encountered for some time in the theater.  Thanfully for us, we were able to get the composer Disasterpeace to sit down with us for a quick five questions! 
I've been a fan since Fez, which was great.  How much did you have to switch gears for scoring a film versus scoring a game?
In some ways scoring film is easier. Games can be pretty overwhelming to start, because the form is often non-linear and can also involve dynamic or procedural implementation by means of coding/etc
For me, I hear clear elements of classic horror scores in the It Follows score, such as John Carpenter.  Who were your horror influences for the project?
John Carpenter, Penderecki, John Cage ... we used pieces by those composers as reference in the temp score. I also have a soft spot for Goblin and I think that comes out in places.
It seems like the It Follows soundtrack was a departure from your signature style. Do you see yourself branching out more like that in the future?
I tweak my sound for every single project, but never as a general attempt at becoming more palatable or something like that.
For the gear heads out there, do you compose fully in a digital format, or do you do any physical instrumentation in your pieces?
Fully digital! I use acoustic instruments in the creative process, and sometimes in recording too. But It Follows is all software.
Since we're a movie site, I'll let you off the hook easy.  Name your 5 favorite film scores' horror or non!
I honestly have no idea. Can I just say No Country For Old Men five times? As far as film composers go, Morricone is a favorite. I'm also a big fan of Jon Brion.
The "It Follows' Score is available for just $7 at Disasterpeace.com.  You can find the artist himself on Twitter at Disasterpeace.


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