House in Connecticut Gets Unwanted Attention

To this day I still get excited when driving on the Long Island Expressway and I pass the sign for Amityville. The 1979 movie “The Amityville Horror” made the house at 112 Ocean Ave something like a local celebrity. When I was a kid those two front windows of the house frightened the crap out of me way more then Freddy or Jason could. From what I understand people still drive by the house and even stop to take a look and I don’t really blame them.

Now there is a home that is getting a lot of attention thanks to this Friday’s release of “The Haunting in Connecticut”. The couple that bought the home in Southington CT a little over ten years ago has yet to see anything spooky going on. Unfortunately for them though that fact hasn’t stopped people from heading out to take a look at all hours of the night and even coming up to their front door. "It's been a total change from a very quiet house in a very quiet neighborhood to looking out the window and seeing cars stopping all the time. It's been very, very stressful, and sometimes worrisome" Says Susan Trotta-Smith. “We have had a few problems with people kind of rudely coming up to the door and scaring our kids, telling them the house is haunted." The town has even had to increase patrol of the neighborhood because of the activity.

The movie is based loosely on the events that supposedly happened at the former funeral parlor while the Snedeker family lived there in the 80’s. During their time in the home the family claimed to hear strange noises, see floating objects and even felt hands touching them. Sounds really hot to me. Eventually the family brought in paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren to investigate the scene. Oddly enough the Warren’s where also brought into document the haunting at the Amityville House back in the 70’s. These two get around.

Right now the house number has been removed and a no trespassing sign has been put up at the house in Connecticut. For the most part everyone thinks the buzz will die down a few weeks after the movie is released. "I'm a little worried about this Halloween because I imagine that's when they will release the DVD and get everyone worked up again."


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