HHW Video: Corey Haim Rapping!

So, it took me a while (my deepest apologies, folks) but I've finally managed to sit down and hammer my way through the video from Horror Hound Weekend at the end of March.

There's still video from Friday night to go through, and an entire compilation from Saturday is completed and should be uploaded shortly. This is from that compilation, but it's so insanely awesome I felt I had to pull it out and give it its own video too.

This is Corey Haim, star of "The Lost Boys" and "License To Drive" amongst other 80's classics, along with G Tom Mac. Who's that? Well he's the writer/performer of the song "Cry Little Sister", made famous during the final moments of "The Lost Boys".... and that's about it. Hey, if Ari Lehman can attend every horror convention for being in :10 seconds of "Friday the 13th", I don't see why this guy can't also.

Apparently, and brace yourself for this, the two of them have formed some type of "band". So Saturday night, some time in the wee hours of the morning when everyone was more than smashed, the two started jamming along with a random dude with a bongo. Then, Corey Haim rapped. Everything that happens from this day forward shall henceforth be known as "ACHR", or "after Corey Haim rapped". So it shall be.

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(Oh, and in case you were wondering, Casey's the giant holding the camera 5 feet above everyone's head)

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