Heroes 3.18 - "Exposed"

Smack dab, right in the middle of the episode "Exposed" was a quick "Watchmen" preview, showcasing Rorschach. For the people at NBC, this served two purposes:

1) Force people who are interested in seeing "Watchmen" into sitting through an episode of 'Heroes'.

2) Get 'Heroes' fans interested in seeing "Watchmen".

Unfortunately, if viewers shared the same mindset I had last night, the plan the NBC execs had backfired, and there was a third result:

3) Seeing bits of "Watchmen" showed just what an inferior program 'Heroes' is.

"Watchmen" is superhero light, that satirizes the connection between costumed adventurers and the American dream. 'Heroes' is superhero light, resembling a poorly written soap opera more than it does the many comics it rips off. At this point, 'Heroes' is like a comic strip- The characters constantly act as if their world is going to come to an end, yet nothing significant ever truly happens.

I have the same complaints as last week. For the upteenth time, we have arguing back and forth between H.R.G., Nathan Petrelli and "the Hunter" and once again we have the same result- nothing.

Yes, I will admit that the Hunter's final solution for the Parkman problem- strap some C4 to him, drug him and leave him by the capital building to explode- was quite a twist, but you know that Parkman is going to escape next episode. If he had blown up, and the screen went black, during this episode, I would have been quite satisfied. By the way, that is three times he has been captured by the Hunter's men. Does that make him the lamest hero ever, or does it show how useless this special ops team actually is? How about both?

There was also a huge focus on Claire and Aquaboy, Alex, and yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have found a character that is more lame than Aquaman. Alex has one power, he is able to breathe underwater. Big whoop! At least Aquaman can communicate with fish as well. In "Exposed", we saw the one scene that makes Alex's power worthwhile. To help Claire hide with him underwater, Alex passes oxygen to her, by making out with her.

Did you see that coming? You might have, especially if you watched the second season of 'Heroes', where Claire had to protect West - a tall, brown haired boy, near to her age that also had a power- from the people that were hunting him. I'm pretty sure there are bits of dialogue between Claire and West that match up with the dialogue between Claire and Alex.

"It is so tough having powers. Mope. Mope"
"I know, Claire, but you are special."

At least, in the scenes with West, there wasn't any unnecessary commentary about divorce. What the hell was that about?

Speaking of divorce, the way that Sylar's biological father dispatched with his biological mother was quite heartless. At least from the unnecessarily drawn out scene we learned that Sylar's bio dad has the same ability he does.

So yeah, that was my rant about 'Heroes' for this week. I am through looking for something redeeming in it. My guess, this will go overlooked. I think you guys have caught on a bit quicker than me, and have dropped the show completely.



I was brought up an only child/only grandchild in a family obsessed with horror films. I am really good at creating terrifying scenarios in my head, which can sometimes lead to dissapointment while watching scary movies. I am a comic book writer, and my love for comics only slightly surpases my love for horror movies.

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