Heroes 3.14 "Trust and Blood"

I have a metaphor for 'Heroes', after watching two episodes of this half of the season: "Heroes' is like the significant other you fell in love with immediately but, over time you got to see their severe flaws. You ponder constantly over whether or not you should dump them, and then, right before you pull the plug, they start showing you some of the magic of the old days.

When it comes to 'Heroes' for me, that magic involves brutal and disturbing scenes (usually featuring Sylar) and actual legitimate danger for the characters. This half of the season, most specifically the last episode, has completely amped up the Sylar carnage as well as the danger the main characters are faced with.

For example, at one point, in last night's episode, Sylar smacks down a screwdriver into the hand of a special ops agent, he has already spent time torturing. By this point, Sylar has cut off a few of the agent's fingers and has beaten him. He has also chosen a random mother and son to torture in front of the agent, to get him to talk.

At this point, a curveball is thrown in that is too big of a coincidence to excuse. It turns out that the son, Luke, has powers of his own. Both Luke and his mother live on Sylar's father's block and because of Luke's mother's alleged sluttiness, it is possible he might be Sylar's brother.

Now our favorite villain might have his own side kick. At one point, Luke uses his microwave shooting power to melt the agent, when he escapes and tries to shoot Sylar. Though Luke seems frustrated by the world, and eager to use his power in an evil way, he still shows some remorse when he is forced to kill the agent. I predict that at some point towards the end of the season, this Luke is going to have to choose between the Dark Side and the Light side. Get my movie reference? No? Ok, fine.

Is it possible that one of TV's biggest shows, that dropped drastically in quality as well as ratings last year, could be returning to a high level of quality once again?

Yes and no.

It seems, based on last week's comments, that the show has already won a few of you guys over. I am on my way there, as well, thanks to this new Sylar arc and the fact that Nathan Petrelli is back to being a band guy, or at least more selfish than selfless.

Well what do I have to complain about then?

Season one worked the best, because it showed where the characters came from, and gave each of them a specific goal or purpose. Over time, these goals have changed, not because the characters have become more complex, but because the story has become more convoluted.

Nathan is back to being a selfish prick, because the writer's realized that's the best way to make his character work. There was no logical progression to show why he started up this operation to capture all of the heroes. The characters change what they want and what they can do with their powers at least twice per season.

For instance, now it seems like Parkman has Isaac's power and Peter can now only borrow one power at a time. In Parkman's case, there seems to be no logical explanation, besides the fact that the story needs someone who can predict the future. For Peter, there is yet to be an explanation, but the fact that he can only use one power at a time makes his character more interesting, and keeps him from becoming the Deus Ex Machina that fixes everything by the end of the story.

Besides all of this, it looks as if Daphne is dead, after being mowed down by machine gun fire. You know this show, though. She will be alive and zipping by, with brand new motivation, by the end of the next episode.



I was brought up an only child/only grandchild in a family obsessed with horror films. I am really good at creating terrifying scenarios in my head, which can sometimes lead to dissapointment while watching scary movies. I am a comic book writer, and my love for comics only slightly surpases my love for horror movies.

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