at one point, while watching last night's episode, my girlfriend turned to me and said "You know, tonight, it is actually pretty good", and then five minutes later, because of a random plot twist, she said "Oh, nevermind".

The plot twist actually caused my brain to hurt. I tried forming sentences, to explain what we had just witnessed, but only a bunch of "But then...", "Wait, he can't", and "I thought he couldn't.." came out. Luckily, there were other aspects to the episode that made it salvageable.

The episode was balanced. In the beginning, the show focused on 3 characters: Hiro, Claire, and Sylar. Each of the defining qualities that made us love (or at least somewhat like) these characters in the first season, was showcased. It was a reminder of what 'Heroes' can be.

Meanwhile, The second half of the episode had Parkman, Daphne and Ando trying to get an unfinished comic manuscript from the dispatcher of a courier company, and the villains at the Pinehearst company working on the formula. YAWN.

The catalyst needed for the super hero making formula was explained last night, not in a scientific way, mind you, but with cuddly New Age concepts, similar to those found in any 'Heroes' episode. According to Hiro's mother (was was the former carrier of the catalyst) it is known as "the light". Sixteen years ago, right before Hiro's mother died, she wanted to pass the light on to a ten year old Hiro. We know this because the 26 year old Hiro, with the mindset of a ten year old (God, I wish I was joking) traveled with Claire back to that very time.

The best scene in the episode, and I believe the best scene in the entire third season, dealt with an adult Hiro interacting with his mother, in the past. I will admit, it got me a little choked up, when Hiro told his mother that he missed her, and that she was an inspiration to him. The scene ended on a high note, as Hiro's mother passed the light on to him.

So, is this the end of Hiro's arc for this half of the third season? Is he going out on a high note, taking the light from his mother, and becoming the most powerful hero of all?
Two minutes later, Arthur Petrelli randomly shows up, absorbs Hiro's power and the light along with it. He then throws Hiro off a roof top. Hiro doesn't die, of course. Miraculously, he is able to grab onto a flagpole and save himself. My girlfriend put it best, when she said : "Wow, they spent fifty minutes building up the fact that Hiro was going to get the light, and then canceled it all out in ten seconds. Ultimately, that's what the last two seasons of 'Heroes' has felt like, a waste of time. There are major revelations, deaths and plot twists every episode, but they are negated or contradicted, sometimes within the same episode.

That scene with Arthur was the one that I said caused the pain to my brain. Maybe some of you 'Heroes' fans can explain it to me? How the hell is Arthur Petrelli able to travel back in time? Does he have Hiro's powers? It is so damn confusing.

Also, for all of you who like Sylar as a cold blooded killer, last night was a real treat. He was back to popping open skulls and making chilling one liners (the best of which being "cake?"). He also killed (Thank God!) Arthur Petrelli, who turns out, wasn't Sylar's father after all. Once again, a major revelation is negated. In this case though, it was for the better.

Now, with Arthur dead, Sylar back to his evil self and Hiro powerless, it is possible that next week's episode will be light on the brain hurting moments.



I was brought up an only child/only grandchild in a family obsessed with horror films. I am really good at creating terrifying scenarios in my head, which can sometimes lead to dissapointment while watching scary movies. I am a comic book writer, and my love for comics only slightly surpases my love for horror movies.

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