Heavy Metal News Updates!

Slayer frontman Tom Araya was admitted to the hospital and kept, thus canceling Slayer's Sydney, Australia tour date at Soundwave. Rumors abound as to why Araya was admitted, but details are cloudy right now. What's important is that Araya is reportedly "feeling better."

Have you tried to use Myspace Music lately? If you want to stream any material from any band for more than three songs, you now must have an account with the website to do so. Here's to hoping this dies a quick and ignoble death.

Rise Against is posting a handful of web videos pertaining to their March 15th release, "Endgame." The videos document everything from the recording process to a closed-door concert for the band's closest friends. The new album from the veteran band is currently available for pre-order on their website, Myspace and Facebook.

The Foo Fighters released a new single, "Rope" from their hotly anticipated upcoming album, "Wasting Light." The album, featuring producer Butch Vig of "Nevermind" fame, was recorded in Dave Grohl's garage with only analog equipment. The album debuts April 12th.

Thrash upstarts Warbringer have announced the acquisition of a new drummer, following the departure of Nic Ritter. Carlos Cruz, formerly of Hexen has been added to the mix, and will make his debut with the band March 5th in Mexico City. Recording of Warbringer's third album is to begin in April.

Friend of mine turned me on the website Songkick last week. If you haven't seen it, it's a way to keep a chronicle of all the live events you've ever attended, post photos or reviews of same, and follow the concert-going behavior of your friends! The posting and editing is still a little rough around the edges, but the ability to follow your favorite artists and get alerts when they enter your geographic area is a nice touch. Follow me (MDrew) if you like, and try to guess which concerts on my list I went to for free, which I got dragged to by friends/girlfriends, and find out that yes, I listed The Dalai Lama.

March is Metal Month! And that's not just me saying it. EMI and Caroline Distribution are teaming up for a third year to make March ring metal! The idea is to have people check out their local independent record dealer and pick up the March is Metal Month CD Sampler, featuring new and anticipated cuts from Cradle of Filth, Winds of Plague, Agnostic Front and a whole bucket of others. There's also shirts, prizes, contests, you name it! Travel to the officialMarch is Metal Month website to see participating locations near you.

Groundbreaking Israeli death metal band Sonne Adam has signed with Century Media for the release of their full-length debute "Transformation" on April 4th in Europe. If you want to check out the sound, you can travel over to the band's profile and scope out some tracks from last year's EP, "Armed With Hammers."


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