Heavy Metal News Updates!

*Camp OZZY will be releasing a 30th anniversary remastered edition of "Blizzard of Ozz" and "Diary of a Madman." The two will release on May 31st in multiple editions, and will be available on CD or vinyl. A 30th anniversary limited edition box set will also be released, featuring a coffee-table book, double-sided wall poster, replica of Ozzy's gigantic gold cross, previously unreleased studio and live tracks, and the "Thirty Years After the Blizzard" DVD. You can pre-order yours here.

*ARCH ENEMY, gearing up for the release of their new studio album "Khaos Legions," is streaming their new cut "Bloodstained Cross." "Khaos Legions" drops in North America on June 7th, but you can pre-order it, and be included in some Altec-Lansing giveaway contests, here.

*SOUNDGARDEN has released the rest of their summer tour schedule, with some of the club pre-sale beginning Monday, and others staggered throughout the week. General sale for most of the other shows begins Saturday. Check your local listings.

*ADELITAS WAY are revving up for their sophomore effort "Home School Valedictorian," which also releases June 7th. You can scope out the new single "Sick," as well as preview any of the new album's cuts, through their Youtube album sampler. "Sick" is currently available on iTunes

*Veterans MY DYING BRIDE have set up a mini-site for their career-spanning retrospective "Evinta." It's chock full of audio samples, downloadable goodies and an iTunes app. You can pre-order the deluxe edition of "Evinta" at the Peaceville Records store. The album hits shelves May 31st.

*Queens-based rockers EVE TO ADAM are back, this time under new management and with a new label. Their album "Banquet for a Starving Dog," drops August 23rd, and if the trailer video is telling the truth about bringing back the rock era of 1990 or '91, then I'm paying attention. You can jump to the band's Facebook page to hear a stream of their new single and some other preview pieces.

*Who's got two thumbs and tickets to the Big 4 at Yankee Stadium? This guy.


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