"Headbanger Face Rip" is Troma-Tastic

This week's podcast has really put me in a Troma mood, and as such I've been scouring the vast desert of the internet for Troma related gems. In trying to find examples of the infamous car flip, I stumbled upon this 2007 music video for "Headbanger Face Rip" by thrash-masters Municipal Waste, produced by none other than Troma studios.

If you've never seen a Troma movie before, this video contains clips from just about every "classic" Troma film from the past 25 years to catch you up. For those that have, you can up your nerd cred by attempting to identify every nut shot, face rip, and blood geyser. And yes, this video even includes the infamous Troma car flip! I could take or leave this particular Municipal Waste song, but you can't really go wrong with Troma, thrash, YouTube, and all combinations thereof.


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