Halloween Countdown - 5 Days to go!

There's really two camps of people when you talk about Maximum Overdrive: They either love it, or hate it. I happen to LOVE it.

I grew up around my family's car junkyards. Every time I stood in front of a giant Mack Truck, or a front end loader with those 10' tires, I always imagined them watching me with those giant headlight eyeballs, grinning at me with their grill mouths, and laughing as they revved the engine. So when I finally saw this movie around 8 years of age, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. My cousin, however, did not share my enthusiasm - I don't think she's set foot in the junkyards since, and we're in our 30s. Hell, every time I bring the movie up, she suggests I insert a part of my anatomy into another part of my anatomy in a way I didn't think was physically possible.

But this is just a great movie. Big killer machines, bigger explosions, a killer Ice Cream truck, a bible salesmen gets run over, and the soundtrack is by AC/DC. Add in copious amounts of beer while watching, and it's my own little heaven. I would also KILL to have that Happy Toyz Goblin Head on my car.

So enjoy the trailer. While I disagree that Stephen King "scared the hell out of me" on this one, he did make one hell of a entertaining movie. And I threw in the "Who Made Who" version because I love AC/DC, and because it's my article and I can do what I want.

That Ghoul Eva


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