George A. Romero's "Survival of the Dead" Trailer

Alright stop me if you’ve heard this one before, a cowboy, a fisherman and a army guy walk onto an island filled with Zombies. Ya know, just to save time let me skip right to the punch line, you’ve just lost another hour and a half of your life to a George A. Romero zombie flick. Get it? It never gets old does it, well you might change your mind after seeing the trailer for “Survival of the Dead”.

According to the IMDBs the premise of “Survival of the Dead”, which until recently was only titled “... Of The Dead”, is a bunch of people running around an island killing zombies while trying to turn their infected loved ones back. Take the unoriginal story line and poor film quality and the only hopes I have for this film is that we’ll at least get to enjoy the sounds of Eric having an aneurysm on a future podcast. So we got that to look forward to at least.

Still listed as being released this year right now we don’t have a specific date for when we’ll get to see “Survival of the Dead”. Until we get more information you’ll just have to enjoy the trailer below.


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