French Thriller "Vertige"

If you are like me, you can't wait for the next French horror film or anything equivalent. Well, wait no longer, because "Vertige," which translates to "High Lane," looks like another scenic horror film that will hold the tension high.

The trailer doesn't have any subtitles yet, but the premise seems easy enough to gather. A group of friends venture into the mountains looking for adventure, but their trip takes a turn for the worst and leaves them stranded in the middle of nowhere with something or someone menacing on their trail. It's being compared to "Cliffhanger" and to me has the same feel as "The Descent."

I'll need to see a bit more information before I make a final decision on whether this one will be quality or a French teen horror flop, as this seems to be the writer and director's first bigger budget film. What are ya'll thinkin'?



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