Four New Clips From "The Howling Reborn"

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Not that the "The Howling" movies were ever mighty but Joe Dante's original has a special spot in most horror fan's hearts and the sequels were always good for a watch. Wasn't there one where a tiny little werewolf was birthed and then we got to see it's long journey from it's mother poom poom up to her nipple? Or did I make that all up in my head?

So here's a bunch of new clips from "The Howling Reborn" for everyone to enjoy. Or not enjoy. Take your pick. My favorite is the first one, "Werewolf Fight", around the 23 second mark it sounds like someone actually climaxed into whatever microphone they were using on the set. It's pretty intense. Enjoy.

On the eve of his high school graduation, Will Kidman (Liboiron) finally looks up from his books to catch the eye of the girl he’s longed for the last four years –the mysterious Eliana Wynter (Shaw). He’s always been the shy kid, flying under the radar, but when he discovers a dark secret from his past— that he is heir to a powerful line of werewolves -- he finds he has a choice to make between succumbing to his primal nature, or turning against his own, and maintaining his humanity. In order to fight the destiny of his legacy, and save Eliana – as well as himself – he must battle not only his growing blood lust but an army of fearsome beasts bent on killing him, Eliana...and then, us all.


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