Fallout 3 "The Pitt" Trailer

Despite only making it about 6 hours in, I really enjoyed Fallout 3. The story is great if not totally original, and the gameplay is unparalleled in depth. If not for the exhausting run time I'm sure I would have completed it, someday. Thankfully, Bethesda is not just content with making a never ending game for their fans, as they are spending tons of time pumping out DLC for the game. Their latest addition, "The Pitt," sounds pretty gnarly so far:

From Wikia:

When The Pitt first loads, the player will be informed of a new radio distress signal from a runaway slave called Werhner, who informs the Lone Wanderer that he needs help in retrieving a cure for mutations developed by The Pitt's raider boss, Ashur. In order to successfully reach Ashur however, the PC will have to give up their gear temporarily. The PC will then familiarize themselves with the new weapon, the AutoAxe, and compete in a fighting arena, aptly titled The Pitt.

I was starting to get a little lost there, until I read "fighting arena." The description goes on to mention that "The Pitt" wont involve merchants or collection of any kind, which hopefully means that even though I hardly had the patience to complete the original game a quarter of the way, I should be able to pick up and play. Good thing, because this looks cool as hell!


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