"Dexter" Game Comes To The iPhone

Most of you probably know the show “Dexter” and its lead character with the same name. You’re also probably a little jealous of him for being able to go out and right the wrongs of the world with a giant knife. It’s probably not wrong to say that deep down inside you’ve probably got a little Dexter in you. The main difference is that most of you wouldn’t be scanning local police files for murderers that got off on a technicality so you can take them out yourself. No, you’d be hunting down that jackass who cut you off at the local Taco Bell when all you wanted was a chili cheese burrito. That’s the kind of sick s.o.b. YOU are. Oh and they haven’t made those at Taco Bell for about seven years now.

Luckily you can now run wild on the streets of Miami without getting your hands bloody. The iPhone is your meat clever in the first ever “Dexter” game coming in Q2 of this year.

The game starts off with you planning your next murder. You set up the location, pick up your equipment, even dig up a few dead children to examine so you can be 100% sure you’ve got the right guy. Even in the game Dexter can’t break his “code”. Before you get down to business you’ll have to exhume three bodies to set up your revenge room. When’s the last time you played a game where you go around digging up graves? Needless to say this game is rated for 17 and over. The main point here is that not one detail of the show has been left out of this. That might have something to do with Timothy Schlattmann, one of the writers for the show, who created all of the dialogue for the game.

From the sounds of it, this will be one of the first really big games on the iPhone. It looks like Icarus Studios have made a game that can hold its own against any PSP title. I'm sure we'll see more on this game in the coming months.


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