"Dark Mirror" is "Mirrors" Without The Hilarity

When we reviewed Alexandre Aja's "Mirrors" this past summer on the podcast, we all agreed that it was an interesting concept that was pretty much ruined by the hilarity of Kiefer Sutherland's histrionic performance. And by "performance", I mean him shouting at things and shooting mirrors with guns. For those who didn't see it, no I'm not making that up.

Anyways, May 6th will see the release of a film I'm just hearing about now called "Dark Mirror". It's the same basic concept - an evil world that lies just beyond mirrors - only this time it looks much more serious. It's IMDB rating is a dismal 3.9, but the trailer editors should at least get some credit for boiling the film down to an interesting 1 minute 23 seconds. That's more entertainment than we get out of a lot of horror releases these days.

A photographer moves her family into a strange old house, where she discovers an alternate reality reflected in the glass... A dark reality that is closing in on her.

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