Cuba's Career Buried in "The Devil's Tomb"

Were I to stumble upon this movie, "The Devil's Tomb" on the scifi channel on a Saturday afternoon, I'm sure it would be a pretty entertaining time. Hell, even I am not above the pleasures of gratuitous gunfights set to rap/metal. The cast of this movie is absolutely unreal though, especially considering the "shot on video" look of the whole thing. Take a gander:

Cuba Gooding Jr. ... Mack
Ray Winstone ... Blakely
Ron Perlman ... Wesley
Taryn Manning ... Doc
Henry Rollins ... Fulton
Valerie Cruz ... Elissa
Bill Moseley ... Prof. Duncan
Zack Ward ... Nickels
Jason London ... Hicks

I can't tell if I'm excited or depressed by this film. Most of these names I could see slumming it for a friend, but Cuba Gooding Jr.? Isn't there like a "Daddy Day Camp" sequel he could be working on right now? I'm proposing a new rule, if you wake up one morning and find yourself in a film with Jason London, you should probably run away right there and then, because it's not going to end well for anyone.

Again, I'm actually fairly amused by the trailer. It's just that cast I'm finding perplexing. Guess we'll just have to chalk it up to one of life's great mysteries. Who knows, maybe this guy has some compromising footage of Cuba? Let the speculation begin.

Eric N

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