Church of Hell, Free Comic!

If you're looking for something to read while you waste away this Friday at work, I've got just the thing for you. It's a new title from Berserker Comics called "Church of Hell", and you can currently Download Issue 1 for free! Also at the site is an interview with the writer, Alan Grant. Here's the synopsis, with a panel below that. if you enjoy it, be sure to come on back and let us know what you thought!

CHURCH OF HELL begins with the story of young playboy, Dominic Ragger. A man that took advantage of his good looks and financial charm by cheating on his girlfriend and accidentally killing her brother all because of one, little lie. On the run from the police, Dominic finds safety in a place that he didn’t know existed, and a place he’ll probably never forget. And from the looks of that nasty Simon Bisley cover, his face will never be the same once he enters... The Church of Hell.

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