Charles Band's Full Moon Horror Roadshow 2009

When I first saw something about a "Full Moon Traveling Roadshow", I read it as New Moon, and was all like, "Finally the Stephenie Meyer books have been adapted to their most appropriate medium: the traveling musical." I was picturing ham-handed community-theater level dramatics, which, while appropriate, I would avoid as I have the books and movie... all of that in the second it took me to realize it said "Full Moon" and not "New Moon".

What is actually up is that Charles Band's Full Moon Productionshref> is putting on a Roadshow this year based on the company's movies, as they have apparently every year since 2005. The tour is in October - click this link to see the list of cities and get ticketshref>. It reminds me of what Rocky Horror used to be for my town in the 90s (a gathering of like-minded freaks other events didn't cater to) but on a larger scale.

Here's the promo video, which is borderline NSFW (boobs are blurred out, but are present and mentioned - as they will be at the actual show, apparently...)

I wonder if Shatner is coming back on the tour...(he was involved with Band a lot in the late 90's and early 2000s, hosting a TV show and directing the alien flick "Groom Lake".)

Band is also putting out frequent behind-the-scenes videos from the latest "Puppet Master" film on his YouTube channel.href>



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