vigilante justice

I enjoyed “The Host” for two big reasons. First off was the humor, the monster stuff was done well enough but the quirky family at the center of the story was by far the feature attraction. Secondly, the courage to not have a traditional feel good ending where every main character survives the final showdown. This is always gonna play well in my household. Director Joon-ho Bong’s first full-length follow up to “The Host” is a rural murder mystery/ character study called “Mother”.

A warrior who follows his singular task to its end, forsaking future and fulfilling his pledge with absolute abandon. Absent any context this might well be a hero’s credo; one that most people would deem admirable and worthy of commendation. Christian Forteski, the central character in “The Horseman” has many of the qualities that are reserved for a larger than life archetypal hero. He possesses a strong sense of purpose, unwavering loyalty and a devotion to his goal that makes failure seem a most unlikely outcome.