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Plague Town (REVIEW)

Horror is, generally speaking, the ultimate test for suspension of disbelief. For while every horror film reflects a very real set of anxieties they are usually couched in a completely far flung, fantastic bit of storytelling. Luckily many fans of the genre get hooked young and by the time their skepticism is in full bloom they have already integrated things like, photosensitive bloodsuckers, carnivorous, tentacled intergalactic fiends and transgendered teen camp killers into their accepted film world lexicon. By the way has anyone watched “Sleepaway Camp” recently?

The DVD Bargain Bin

In this third installment of the "Underworld" series, Rhona Mitra steps up to fill the leather body suit of Kate Beckinsale. Drifiting back into the past in prequel fashion, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans gives us the historical tale of how the Vamps. Vs. Wolves war got its start.

"Plague Town" Streets May 12th

Dark Sky Films announces today the details for its upcoming direct to DVD opus, Plague Town. The film is the directorial debut of David Gregory, long time award winning provider of DVD special features and documentaries.

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