Catching Up With The Atomic Clock - An Interview with Gene Hoglan

Gene Hoglan. The Atomic Clock. Testament. Dethklok. Death. Fear Factory. Strapping Young Lad. All these and many more are just a few lines on the resume of metal's most productive and prolific drummer. In truth, his name has become ubiquitous with high-end heavy metal drumming. By anecdote, he even gave the legendary Dave Lumbardo some tips. But the topic on this day is a topic that proved to be very near and dear to Gene's heart; Meldrum's long awaited, finally released finale, "Lifer." Read on to see a candid conversation with a thoughtful guy.
M. DREW: First of all, let’s set the record straight. Are there any bands you’re NOT in currently? It seems like every third press release I get has your name attached to it somewhere.
GENE HOGLAN: Oh, yeah sure. Thank god Michael Jackson died, or I’d probably be playing for him, too. People ask me ‘what bands are you in?’ and I’m like ‘all of ‘em.’ [laughs] I put the ‘ho’ in Hoglan.
M.D: When was the last time you took time off?

Album Review: Meldrum - "Lifer"

Meldrum is the brainchild of guitar player Michelle Meldrum, who was the driving force behind what was intended to be a female-fronted band that would take the world by storm. That was until Michelle passed away suddenly in May of 2008, the result of a growth that restricted blood flow to her brain. What had been an up and coming, promising train was suddenly derailed, with no one really knowing is anyone would ever hear the name Meldrum again.

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