"Lucha Libre #7" Can't Come Soon Enough

I am not a "comic guy" by any stretch of the imagination, but every now and then, I stumble upon something that tickles my fancy. If anything, I'm a sucker for anything having to do with Lucha Libre, and comics are no exception. About two years ago, I discovered the aptly named, yet oddly French "Lucha Libre" anthology comic series. Each issue includes at least 3 mini-comics based on 5 different stories that have their own unique art style and creative spin on the classic lucha material. Ranging from heady and dark to cheeky and adolescent, there's a "Lucha Libre" story for everyone.

Santo y Blue Demon Contra Dracula Y El Hombre Lobo

I can't describe how pissed I was at the last Horror Hound convention when I saw a HUGE Santo poster, legit from the 60's, and it was 300 FUCKING DOLLARS. I'll just never know why some of the worlds shittiest films beget some of the most expensive merchandise. Is the demand for vintage Santo posters that high? Beats the fuck out of me. Suck on this tasty clip.

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