Brain Flavored Zombie Mints!

Ever wonder what all the fuss is about regarding cerebellum consumption? Starting to think millions of zombies can't be wrong, but you lack the willpower to take that final step to being undead? WEll, you're in luck, my curious cohort - Archie McPhee has you covered! Now you can order up a tin of Brain Flavored Zombie Mints, and satisfy those medulla oblongata munchies!

And while you're there, check out other Zombie necessities, such an
Inflatable Brain Decoy - sure to come in handy when trying to confuse pursuing hordes! Or how about a Zombie Brain Jello Molds - sure be a big hit on the table at a family Christmas party! Aunt Betty's fruitcake can kiss your ass!

Yes, this place is Connoisseur of Crap Approved!

That Ghoul Eva


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