There's Something in The Sea (Bioshock 2)

Nowadays, nothing builds anticipation for a high profile game or movie quite like a flashy viral campaign. I would argue that viral campaigns work better at their most cryptic, but I'm certainly not averse to a little tease here and there of what I should expect from an upcoming release. With "Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams" on the horizon for the end of 2009, 2kgames has created There's Something In The Sea, an interactive map that is currently pretty sparse, but appears to be a future home for many visual snippets informing the plot of the game. According to Kotaku, there are also some teaser posters showing up in various places, which honestly would kinda make me pee a little if I was an uninformed civilian. I really hope they go the full nine and actually send an intern underwater with a super powered red light to really scare the townies, but that's probably more of a sick fantasy than anything.

It's a bit unclear at this point whether or not this will be prequel as originally assumed, or a true sequel as implied in the teaser trailer, but the fictional newspaper clipping seems to be dated after the happenings of the original "Bioshock," so draw from that what you will. The strongest element of the original game was its story, so I'm far more excited than I am worried about whatever direction they choose to take.

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