"Bioshock" Replica Syringe Scares Me

Out of all of the stark imagery from the "Bioshock" game, the 'Little Sisters' may be the most unsettling. Upon first glance, they appear to simply be generic demon children from your average possession flick, until you notice the fact that they are carrying giant rusty syringes filled with ADAM, the precious genetic material of Rapture. As if the image of a gigantic syringe filled with glowing red gel isn't creepy enough, there's a baby bottle nipple on the end of the ADAM chamber so that the little sisters can imbibe the luminous goo; yikes!

Although most would agree that images like this are best left in the gaming world, prop hobbyist Harrison Krix found the item inspiring enough to recreate it in painstaking detail. Seeing the finished product of his replica adds another dimension to the syringe, as you really get a sense of the scale of the (apparently quite sharp) needle and the grit and grime in natural light.

I wonder what the neighbors think.

The final product is no doubt very impressive, but the step by step photos on his blog are great for effects dorks and laymen alike, and really show how much work goes into going totally over the top detail-wise. This project is just one of his many replicas, including a ridiculously accurate Portal Gun from the game "Portal." It really makes me wish I paid a bit more attention in shop class way back when, but that's a story for another day.

"Replica Bioshock Syringe is Eerily Realistic" via The Escapist


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