Birthday Wishes From Uwe Boll

After sending out our Birthday Press Release on Monday, we got the following response back from the seminal director of our generation, Mr. Uwe Boll:

bloodygoodhorror is a solid and interesting webside with a lot of crazy guys working on it all the best and happy celebration

The spelling errors and lack of punctuation are not mine. In fact, I've always found his habit of typing in broken English to be an endearing one. Although I did clean it up a bit when I posted our interview together back in 2002, right before the debut of "House of the Dead".

As regular readers of the site will know, I'm a huge fan of Uwe Boll. Not even his movies per say, because to be honest I haven't even seen one since sitting down to see HOD about 5 years ago. No, I'm honestly more just a fan of the dance he plays. Is he insane? Or is he just a dick? Has his embracing of his own irony made him lame, or has he rounded the corner and reached a level of irony and self parody that even Michael Jackson can't attain?

These, my friends, are answers we may never know. What I do know is that I'm actually really excited to see his next film "Postal", which will drop like a bomb (so to speak) onto DVD shelves on August 26th. And none of your naysaying can change that.

So... anyways, I really just wanted to post that quote. I do feel that it's amazingness speaks for itself, but I also felt cheap just throwing that up in a blog so, there it is folks.

(PS - The other reason that I love him is that he's the only person in the world who would think that Ray Liotta and Burt Reynolds make sense in a Medieval universe. Oh Uwe... you so crazy!)

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