BGH The New Class: #TweetWithBGH Hellraiser IV: Bloodline

Over at BGH headquarters we have found ourselves in the midst of Pinhead's pain and blood filled world. Pain seems to be the operative word for this retrospective. The BGH New Class tackled Hellraiser IV: Bloodline which was so crazy that writer Ben wanred us of the insanity we were about to step into while live tweeting. Picture a film set in space but also nodding to a life wearing powdered wigs. Add a plot to that idea and the movie essentially takes form; oh, and don't forget to take any logic out. We did manage to survive this week due to the love and support of BGH followers. Here were the highlights of the night. 

The ever present and powerful Den Mother, Sophie, got us all whipped into shape.

Spencer was being warned by Netflix to not continue.

Here I come right out of the gate ready to attack the poor actors in the movie.

Speaking of actors, Sophie pointed out that the fantastic Adam Scott was in it. This gave us all a shred of hope.

The movie started in space but instantly jumped back to the 1800's where Spencer had to point out the food issues.

Apparently the mystical box that ressurrects and kills Pinhead was made by a white male.

Back to actors, we didn't forget to mention the lovely work from a Nightmare on Elm Street alumni.

Acting discussion was definitely the theme as Spencer illuminated what we were all thinking.

Clearly I couldn't handle what was really happening in the movie.

By the end of the movie none of us knew what was really happening.

Sophie made sure to correlate the event of the night with the VMA's.

Again, the ending didn't even wrap up the right way.

The ending involved an explosion of Pinhead. This did not impress me though since I saw a better one as a child.

Overall we had a great time as always! We have to give Ben props here because he watches these movies alone first to do the written reviews each week. We at least get to watch them all together and have the support. Make sure to give Ben the support he needs by reading his reviews every Friday, and make sure to check back in with us next Sunday for the next Hellraiser film. 

Evan Slead

Staff Writer

Evan is a Film & Media Studies major in Boston and the host of PodSlash podcast. He loves writing novels and screenplays, and also all things Real Housewives. Don't hate.

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