BGH The New Class: #TweetWithBGH Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth

Welcome to "BGH The New Class" where the young blood of Bloody Good Horror takes the internet. Heading into week three of Ben's reviews of the Hellraiser franchise, Sophie, Spencer, and myself jumped onto Twitter with the hash tag "TweetWithBGH" at the ready during a viewing of Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth. Surprisingly the title of this iteration was very fitting to the real world experience of watching part three in the adventures of Pinhead and his never ending need to dominate the earth. Here were some of the highlights of this live "hell on Twitter" experience:

Spencer kicked us off with a comparison to 1987's Broadcast News. You decide who fits into the Joan Cusack, Holly Hunter, and William Hurt roles. 

As always, I'm more focused on what people are wearing/look like rather than the actual plot. 

Thankfully Sophie had a good way to tie this all in.

Being the twins that they are, Sophie and Evan also jumped at the chance to complain about the random settings of this movie. 

Spencer had found a new sense of entitlement within the story.

Of course when the all out murder spree took place at the dance club, I was quick to find a solution.

Captain Spencer, in his infinite wisdom, brought in a real world example to back up this Hell on Earth.

Even when the movie was about to off the final girl, Sophie managed to call out what we were all thinking (especially Mark). 

By the movie's end, all three of us had varied responses. 

We managed to survive this slump in the life and times of Pinhead and his "Cinna Bite" buddies, but can we get through the rest of the franchise? Watching every Sunday and following all of us on Twitter will definitely keep us striving and thriving for that goal. Reading Ben's weekly reviews on Friday's would also keep our heads above the water. The sexy water. (Cause everything in these movies is sexy. Right?) 

Evan Slead

Staff Writer

Evan is a Film & Media Studies major in Boston and the host of PodSlash podcast. He loves writing novels and screenplays, and also all things Real Housewives. Don't hate.

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