American Horror Story: Home Invasion (Episode 2)

The second episode of "American Horror Story" was chock full of further character development, a ton of questions of who's living and who's dead and a very "Strangers-esque" style home invasion mixed with a bit of cult like murder. Now I'm not going to go with scene for scene descriptions on this show because well, first of all that's kind of boring and second of all, I'm assuming if you're reading this then you saw the same thing I did. If you haven't watched episode two yet, TURN AWAY NOW!! There, now you've been warned. What I'd like to do each week is take a few plot points and open them up for discussion. And If the next episodes are anything like the first two, there's a lot of questions and a lot to talk about. So here's a few to start with:

1. We've been introduced to so many characters - Constance, Mr. Harvey, Tate, Moira, and Addie to name a few. How many of these characters are ghosts? I mean, so many of them just come and go into the house at random. I guess my main example of this would be Tate since he seems to always appear when Violet needs his help. But then again, Ben was supposedly talking to his mom on the phone, which would be kind of hard to do if he were dead... And then there's the sometimes old/sometimes young and beautiful maid Moira. In episode one Constance said something along the lines of "Don't make me kill you again" to her, which would easily explain why Vivien sees her as an old ugly woman and Ben sees her as the sexy redhead.

2. Who are these four children Constance spoke of with Vivien? We obviously know that one of them is Addie, but she also mentioned her cursed womb and that she lost two other children to defects and the other child, "the one with physical perfection" to things outside of health. I would suppose that her deceased children are tied to the house somehow, which is why Addie is always coming into the house and being creepy (ie laughing, playing in the basement, etc). Is it too easy to guess that Tate would be the one child with physical perfection?

3. The cupcakes were obviously a central point in this weeks episode. My initial thought was that Constance was making the ipecac treats for Vivien, so that she would have morning sickness symptoms. But in a weird twist, she was so very insistent on neither Ben nor Vivien eating them and for them to be strictly for Violet. What can she possibly have against Violet? Unless Constance had some sort of intuition that Bianca would be the one to eat the cupcake in the end and thus saving the Harmon ladies...

I found myself with a lot of questions and a lot to speculate about as I await the third episode of "American Horror Story." Feel free to add on to the points above or start your own topics down below. I would love to here some other thoughts on the episode and see how everyone is feeling about the series in general. For me, I will at least be tuning in for a few more episodes. I'm enjoying what they're throwing at us so far but am wondering how long I can watch a bunch of people in a haunted house without throwing my TV out the window when they don't move out after the 100th ghostly thing happens. Of course, who am I kidding? Keep throwing a bunch of unanswered questions my way and I'll probably stick around cause I'm a sucker for that crap.

Below is a clip of the home invasion scene, which I really enjoyed. The slasher/home invasion elements of this episode made it all the more enjoyable for me as the haunted house thing can get kind of old after a while. I really liked the idea of the killer from 1968 developing groups of followers, ala Charles Manson. Definitely a cool sub plot in my opinion.



I like horror movies. That is all.

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