9-Minute "Bioshock 2" Walkthrough

The only thing louder than the hype for "Bioshock 2" is the cries of those worrying about the series being "ruined" by the 2nd game. To assuage these fears, 2k has been releasing about as much information as they can without totally revealing critical moments in the game. The latest piece in this effort is a 9 minute demo which seems to be a sped up version of the game's first moments, minus the obligatory "press this button to shoot" prompts.

A lot of this stuff isn't new to people that have been watching all of the other material for the game out there, but the Big Daddy/Little Sister relationship is the big reveal here. In "Bioshock 2," if you want to harvest ADAM (the stuff that fuels your power ups), you have to let the little sister off your shoulders and defend her from an onslaught of Splicers. This includes a new ability which allows you to combine plasmids (wind and fire here) to set traps for the horde. Basically, you're going to have to fight every time you want to upgrade your character which should either be extremely rewarding or completely frustrating. To be honest, I'm not so nervous about this one considering how much I loved the first game, and I'm really stoked to see these mechanics in action.


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