8 Other Shape Shifters

Werewolves are all the rage these days with the release of Universal's "The Wolfman", but why should the dog boys of mid February get all the fun? Throughout literature and film, there have been quite a few other were-creatures that stalked the night as well as many other folks that just happen to change shape as well! So to celebrate our furry friend, I give to you 8 Other Shape Shifters to raise your hackles!

Black Sheep

We've discussed "Black Sheep" before, but how can I pass over a man in sheep'' clothing? The make up for this critter was excellent, as were the laughs.

Cat People

Many may not recognize the name Val Lewton but make no mistake; the man was a master of horror throughout the 40's and 50's. With "Cat People", as well as its remake in the early 80's, we get to try on the more feminine feline variety of shape shifting freaks.


I'll be honest; the movie was crap. As opposed to being scary, Stephen King's wacky family of cat people were more confusing that anything.

Island of Dr. Moreau

Dr. Moreau specialized in genetic manipulation so naturally there were a whole host of half human oddities running about. The title of most scary creature would certainly have to go to the late in life Marlon Brando for this one.

We've seen nothing but promo pictures of the upcoming science thriller "Splice". These pictures are worth a thousand words however.


Dog Soldiers

Okay, okay I know they're werewolves, but we have to have at least one if we're discussing shape shifter movies. We've all heard of the standards such as "Ginger Snaps" and "American Werewolf in London", so why not check out this excellent little military minded take on the genre from Neil Marshall?

Lady Hawke

This isn't horror by any stretch of the imagination. You can't deny the fact that this story of two tormented lovers forced to change shape by day and night forcing them apart isn't the epitome of a shape shifting movie.

The Fly

A remake that has been made many times over, Jeff Goldblum's "The Fly" succeeded in the disgusting department above all others! And who can forget the tiny little screams of "help me!" to top it all off?


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