10 Brutal Mortal Kombat Fatalities

Mortal Kombat has been around since 1992, and since the first day it hit the arcade people have been outraged. A cursory search on YouTube will discover a trove of articles proclaiming just how terrible the violence is, and how it will destroy the innocence of youth. Yet as horror fans the franchise would appear unable to shock us or show us anything new. We've seen people beheaded, and dispatched in seemingly every possible way. Today we are here to highlight the Mortal Kombat fatalities so incredibly graphic that it will shock even the most staunch horror fans.

10. Mileena - MK3

This one is more for anyone with understanding of anatomy than something truly graphic. In Mortal Kombat 3 Mileena plants a kiss on an unsuspecting opponent, and suddenly in a motion similar to that of Nancy's mother at the end of A Nightmare On Elm Street lifts the person up, and swallows them whole. Which is all fine and good until she proceeds to puke out a deluge of bones, way more than any individual possesses in ones body. Rib cage after rib cage, femur after femur...it just does not stop. Technically this is a repeat of her fatality in MK2 but in that fatality she just spits out boring generic bones, here it is much more detailed, and as such all the more troubling.

9. Raiden - MK4

Ah Raiden the God Of Thunder, a man who has been in the Mortal Kombat franchise since the very beginning. He has a variety of fatalities throughout the years, but the best by far is his murder method in Mortal Kombat 4. He begins by coursing an obtuse amount of electricity into his victim, and then out of nowhere the person explodes with their head flying directly onscreen. Think of a bloodier, and despite being an N64 game more realistic looking version of Freddy's death from Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare.

8. Li Mei - Mortal Kombat Deception

This fatality starts off with a Friday The 13th Part VII: Jason Takes Manhattan esque beheading, and then Li Mei kicks the head into the now headless body blowing it up in a delightfully bloody mess. Mortal Kombat has a tendency of having bodies explode for seemingly no reason, but this one stands out as the force of the head slamming into the body is strong enough to cause a complete explosion....Li Mei never skips leg day.

7. Darrius Mortal Kombat Deception

Darrius is not a particularly memorable Mortal Kombat character, as he essentially a Blade ripoff. He does however have an outstanding fatality that would make a cenobite jealous. Darrius after beating his opponent senseless proceeds to rip off all of the victim's limbs and personally rearranges it to look like a piece of modern art. The fatality does not match his character or fighting style, but it sure is memorable.

6. Kung Lao - MK9

When trailers were released for the new Mortal Kombat game in 2011 this was what stood out most. The screams, and the slow dragging is what make this fatality memorable. It is a tried and true trope to have someone tied to a log, slowly being dragged towards a spinning saw blade, however unlike the cartoons we actually see what would happen if the hero failed to save the day.

5. Noob Sabiot - MK9

This fatality keeps me up at night. Noob Sabiot splits into two and then grabs the victim slowly beginning to tear the individual apart. The victim's body slowly starts to separate starting from the bottom, slowly working its way up. The worst part is the victim appears to be fully conscious throughout the whole ordeal. It is....gross.

4. Triborg - MKX

The latest Mortal Kombat game has a lot of really insane fatalities. It was hard not to make the entire list focused upon this one game, however I only chose my four favorites. This one involves what makes Mortal Kombat great....CYBORG NINJAS, and not just one Cyborg ninja, but 3 Cyborg Ninjas in one. It is really complicated, but the other cybrog ninjas of the franchise Sektor, Smoke, and Cyrax are inhabiting the consciousness of this robot. This fatality is all about overkill, Triborg splits into the three ninjas and proceeds to do the following: sawblade through the neck, harpoon out the heart, hovered in the air, and finally an uppercut to finish the job.

3. Jax - MKX

Jax is just your average every day special forces officer trapped in an insane world...well asides from his giant cyborg arms. A character so cool that when they released the Predator DLC they gave him an alternate skin of Carl Weathers. The fatality in question is pretty intense, first the opponent gets the arms pushed inside of their body, then he takes the top half of their jaw, and rips it fully open Hatchet style, finishing the grisly proceedings off by putting out his cigar in the remnants of the persons head.

2. Cassie Cage - MKX

We're going full millennial with this entry, featuring the daughter of Johnny Cage, and Sonya Blade. Cassie takes out her nightstick, and cracks the jaw of her opponent so that it only hangs on by viscera. She then pulls in the unwitting victim in close, and takes a selfie with the jawless wonder that once was a combatant. The best part of the fatality is the faux-instagram post that ends the fatality showing the selfie, with various comments by the rest of the Mortal Kombat roster.

1. Kenshi - MKX

This fatality reminds me of the lawnmower scene from Peter Jackson's Braindead, except in this instance you get to see the slicing and dicing in extreme slow motion, at least for a few swings. Kenshi the psychic ninja toys with his victims slowly driving them headfirst into the gruesome spinning blade.



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