¡Viva La Podcast! Movie Meltdown

My love for our horrorcast brethren (NOTLP, Drunken Zombie, etc.) is well documented, but there's and endless number of underrated genre and non-genre podcasts out there that deserve recognition in one way or another. Enter ¡Viva La Podcast!, my weekly introduction of some of my other favorites, second to ours of course!

Like all forms of media, I look to find a little bit of myself in everything I watch/listen to. Although I can sparsely remember how I stumbled upon the "Movie Meltdown" podcast, I instantly felt at home when I tuned in. The hosts are of the pleasant nerdy sort that are quite knowledgeable and funny without ever delving into condescending mouth-breather territory. They manage to cover a lot of ground from cult and horror flicks to general Hollywood news and tomfoolery in a cohesive and interesting way. Out of all of the segments, I'm pretty fond of their "Geek Activities" segment in the beginning, if only because I too love talking about the geeky things that I do. It also doesn't hurt that they loop the 'Storybook Story' song from the credits of "The Princess Bride" in the background during the segment; nice!

Overall, "Movie Meltdown" has a good thing going and sounds pretty damn well put together for only having 9 episodes under their belt. It has definitely carved out a place in my full time podcast rotation. I recommend starting with last week's episode that covers the schlock masterpiece "Showgirls" from flailing sex to jacked up teeth, seriously. Give Movie Meltdown a listen and tell them we sent ya!


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