¡Viva La Podcast! Giant Bombcast

My love for our horrorcast bretheren (NOTLP, Drunken Zombie, etc.) is well documented, but as with most of my 'cast consumption isn't limited to just one genre. Enter ¡Viva La Podcast!, my introduction of some of my other favorites, second to ours of course!

When you make a jump to listen to a podcast about a relatively nerdy subject, you run the risk of excessive mouth breathing and fanboy trivia. Thankfully, the Giant Bombcast features none of those things. Although it occasionally treads into ultra-dweeb territory, you get the feeling that these are normal, functional people that just absolutely love their video games. Their discussions are relevant, timely, humorous, and super in depth, as well as very digestible to your average video game layman.

The podcast is brought to you by Giant Bomb, which has become one of my favorite game site. The site is pulled together by a small team of former employees from some of the larger, more EEEEVIL gaming sites coming together to put together a great gaming resource, not just a corporate hand job to every new game that comes out. Their site also boasts a very, very in depth wiki type database that chronicles just about every wide-release game of the past 20-30 years, with every character, level, concept, etc. It's slickly designed, and easy to navigate (with the exception of some occasional slowness in the database).

Overall, all ass kissing aside, Giant Bomb and the Giant Bombcast are a must for any video game fan with a strong love of the medium and an equally satisfying "real life."


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