Zombie Love: Your Guide to Undead Romance

We here at Bloody Good Horror understand how hard the dating scene can be. Even without all monetary & time constraints, there's still the fact that women can be downright crazy & men have the market cornered on ignorance. What IS a single human to do?

Never fear, my internet friends! Your Connoisseur of Crap is once again here with a solution: The problem is you are limiting yourself to the Living! An Undead partner is more patient, tolerable and one hell of a good listener. But how do you get past that awkward first meeting without your face being removed in the process? Well ThinkGeek, savior and hero of the misunderstood and lonely, has provided a book to get you through this new and exciting romance, from initial courtship to the actual death where you can part. You'll learn such things as:

* Where singles go to mingle and mangle.
* How to bring chivalry back (from the dead).
* Bedroom techniques for the equipment-deficient (hey, things fall off).
* How to plan a zombie wedding.
*The pleasure and perils of having a child (for dinner).
* And oh so much more!

Valentine's Day is coming! Hurry and you too can find that special someone to share a heart with - preferably someone else's!

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