You win, we will review "The Grey", aka "Liam Neeson: Wolf-fighter 3D"

We've had a grand total of "1" person ask us to review "The Grey" on the podcast, but I'll take that to mean there's a groundswell of support for this idea that just isn't being vocal. Whatever, it's the transitive property.

The director's out doing the rounds promoting the film (which comes out January 27th of this year), and he talked briefly about how everyone's favorite violent grandfather Liam Neeson got involved:

"I had been out to dinner with Jules (Daly, producer) and Liam overheard us talking about the project a few seats away and asked me what it was about and if there was 'something in there for me." - Read the rest at Dread Central..

I assume he then said, "okay I'll do it. But if I don't get to punch a god damn wolf in the face I swear to God I will ruin you in this town. Also, have you thought about 3D? I'd like the audience to really sense my hatred for wolves..."

Ok maybe I made that last part up, and the movie isn't even in 3D but if you've seen the trailer, you know why it should be. So coming this February, the Bloody Good Horror crew reviews the film one person asked us about one time just so we can make a bunch of jokes about Liam Neeson committing animal cruelty. Are you happy now?

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