You "Like" Us You Really "Like" Us!

Or maybe you hate us, I'm not sure yet. But anyway here's some back story. After weeks of bickering and slap fighting the 5 of us from the Bloody Good Horror Podcast couldn't decide if we should watch "Red Riding Hood" for the podcast or not. Don't ask me how but in a group of 5 people the vote kept coming up tied. So we did what any sane group of individuals would do. We asked you guys, who I now realize probably like to see us suffer, if we should watch the movie or not. We put a post on the site, and said if at least 100 of you "Liked" the post we'd do it and lo and behind you decided. So thanks for all of you who chimed in. On March 11th the 5 of us will venture to the theaters and sit down for some Amanda Seyfried wolf action. Unless of course this is all one big joke on me and I'm the only one going. In any case I'll see you there.

Thanks gang!


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Drinking beer I enjoy for good time and make relaxation for everyone. Disney World is my land favorite time for me. Horror movies? Yes. That’s me for a nutshell.

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