X-Files and Some Superhero Bloviating

A buddy sent me the above from Some-e-Cards, which honestly had me laughing for a solid minute. With the "X-Files" coming up, let's all think back on that glorious time when the idea of the government monitoring everyone's internet and phone usage, and placing CCTV on every corner was a far-flung conspiracy theorist's fantasy. Those were the days...

I also wanted to point folks toward a post I wrote recently for a new entertainment website called Giant Realm. This article actually grew out of a discussion I had first with Eric, but then with some others about both "Iron Man" and "The Incredible Hulk." It's titled: "Super id: Why Superheroes Fight Themselves." Here's a sample:

Both these heroes are “super,” something the rest of us - even those intimately familiar with the source material - just might not be able to appreciate in all its nuance. But by choosing to do battle with virtual mirror images of themselves, both Iron Man and Hulk manage to stake out shared ground with regular-old humans like you and me. What we see in Stane and Blonsky is what could have become of Stark and Banner, were they lesser men. While their powers make them super, it's the protagonists' humanity that makes them heroes.

If you want to check out the whole thing, then bang it here.

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