Wright, Pegg at "The World's End"

Regular podcast listeners may be aware of my man-crush on Edgar Wright. Here's a director that in two films has proven to have his head thoroughly screwed on in the right direction when it comes to genre films. Both "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz" went beyond parody to really embrace the genre's that they belong to. Where most of the schlocky spoofs that are being put out today are content to ape the conventions of a handful of films, Wright's work shows that he has a deep understanding of what makes horror and action films what they are. In both cases, the parody proceeds to a point where it can no longer sustain the action, and the films both end up being great examples of the very genres at which they were poking fun. That's not an accident. That's called great filmmaking.

All of that goes to say that I couldn't be more excited about the final film in this series of homage. The Guardian is reporting that this Wright-Pegg collaboration will be called "The World's End." They didn't speak directly to the genre that they'll be pillaging in this go around, but The Guardian speculated that it would be focused on sci-fi, apocalypse films. To which Wright replied, "It's kind of going in that direction."

Coming on the heels of Doomsday, which I quite enjoyed, Wright's rendering of the end of civilization, with Pegg on board, sounds like a can't miss idea.

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