Wolfpack of Reseda Web Series

Wolfpack of Reseda - First Bite - Ep. 1

Wolfpack Of Reseda | Myspace Video

Fox Digital presents to you the strange world of their new web comedy series "Wolfpack of Reseda" which they are billing as a sort of "'The Office' meets werewolves." We meet Ben, the central protagonist, who hates his hum-drum life and is then attacked without warning by a suspicious, unknown creature, which he comes to believe was/is a werewolf. Ben then makes the logical and natural assumption that he too, is now a werewolf. From there, things promise to get out of hand. Above is the first episode, with subsequent episodes (up to three now, I believe,) debuting each week on Myspace (that's right, Myspace is still alive and kicking!)

It's worth a few laughs. Check it out for something different that blends the supernatural or cryptozology with the supermundane of white collar office work.


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