What's New on Instant Watch - Beef Caaaaake

Some days are diamonds, some days are gold. Some days, Netflix just doesn't add a whole lot to their catalog in a given week. That's not to say that this week in Instant Watch is a complete bust though! No, there's a nugget or two of entertainment for the hardened cinemaphile and post-bar netflix watcher!

Pain & Gain

You know what's more manly that The Rock and Marky Mark? The Rock and Marky Mark on roids! There was a lot of buzz around Pain & Gain when it hit theaters and I can't honestly say that it lived up to all that buzz. That said, it's not a horrible flick! Whalburg puts in a pretty good performance and the Rock is always delightful.


Sanctum hit at the same time as another similar cave based movie, so it fell under the radar a bit. It not being the most exciting movie out there didn't help much. That's not to say it's awful though. There's some good tense moments in the movie and good feeling of claustrophobia. There's some pretty shots as well.

Eddie Murphy: Delirious

Who didn't stay up late at night, waiting for their parents to fall asleep so you could sneak out to the living room and watch the bootleg copy of Delirious that your friend slipped you at school? Uh...well, if you were a kid in the early to mid 80's that is. This was in the golden days when Eddie Murphy was still funny, coming off us start on SNL. It's raunchy and hilarious and worth seeing at least once, if you haven't. This is the heyday when comedy specials where a big deal.

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

Many of you readers will have already seen this doc. It was a hit when it landed on DVD originally and if there's one thing for certain, we horror fans are loyal to our favorite franchises! There's a good bit of history here for the Nightmare on Elm Street fan, so be sure to check it out if you don't already own it.


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