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Hey there boys and girls, it's Friday, which means we're upon the weekend! That means it's time to stay up late, drink beer and watch movies! Or if you're stuck working, it's time to slack off when your boss isn't watching and watch some movies. Go ahead, I won't tell if you don't.

We skipped last week's entry because let's face it...there really wasn't anything good added to Instant Watch last week. That's okay though, as Netflix has made up for last week's lack of content this week, in a big big way! So, sit back, grab your coffee this morning and check out what's new on Instant Watch.

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Adventures in Babysitting

I know, I know, this isn't a horror flick. It's a pretty damned great movie though. I'm dating myself here, I saw this in theaters...in Junior High...but I've watched it a bunch since then too. It's magical. And so is Elizabeth Shue!

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Dracula remakes are pretty rough these days. Nobody catches the atmosphere quite right and everybody's trying to make it edgy or futuristic. Or sparkly. In 1992 however, they managed to nail this classic story it what may be the finest of the modern takes on the story. Plus, at this point your biggest exposure to Gary Oldman may have been "Sid & Nancy", but this was the movie that made you sit up and say, "Woah, who's this Gary Oldman guy?"


If I have to tell you why this movie is on this list, I want you to hand me your Membership Card right now and get the hell out of my lawn. However, if you need a refresher to play along in our recent Vs. shenannigans on #askbgh, now's your chance!


This flick's god awful, but did you know it had Jesse Eisenberg in it? Me either!

The City of Lost Children

"City of Lost Children" has a certain nostalgia factor for me. I was newly married, just starting to explore my movie geek-dom when I had first heard of it in 1997. At the time, it wasn't as easy to get your hands on niche foreign flicks. I had seen the trailer on the early days of the internet and was mesmerized, which kicked off an epic search to find a copy. I eventually found one at my favorite local mom and pop specialty DVD shop and it was a magical experience to behold once I finally had it in my DVD player.

The hunt's gone now that it's available at the click of a button on Instant Watch, but that's okay! It's a great flick and deserves to be enjoyed!


Billy Connolly has long been my favorite Scotish Comedian who's name I could never remember. I don't know why, he's generally great, but I could never put my finger on his name when pressed for it. That's okay though, "Boondock Saints" hit and now he's a house hold name. In this, we get a fun little spin on the typical zombie fare which is kind of refreshing.

Friday the 13th: Part 7: The New Blood

"This...is the one...you've been waiting for!" That trailer's pretty optimistic. I mean...I love Friday the 13th as much as the next horror nerd but...where we really waiting for a part 7? We got Weed Wacker kills though, so who can really complain?

From Dusk Till Dawn

I loved this flick the first time I saw and it still holds up well! The Cloon-meister-general's a rugged hunk of man though, so that's no surprise. If you'd rather skip through this flick to catch the many quotable and iconic scenes, that's understandable though. If you want to edit a loop of Salma Hayek's grand entrance...be sure to email me.

Godzilla Vs. Mothra

There's at least six new Godzilla flicks added to Instant Watch this week! It's time to bone up on your Giant Lizard history before you head off to the theater next week to see the new installment! And, if the new "Godzilla" turns into a bomb? Come back to Godzilla Vs. Mothra, they'll console you and wipe away your nerd tears.

Heavy Metal

The first time I saw "Heavy Metal", I was a teenager and watched it in the dark of my living room on a bootleg VHS. I waited until late at night to make sure my parents were in bed because I had no idea what I was in for, but I knew it was going to have cartoon boobies. Re-watching recently for a nostalgic trip, I found myself watching "Heavy Metal", hidden away in my office from the prying eyes of my kid. I don't want them to see me watching strange cartoon boobies either! That said, the movie holds up well, give it a watch!

Ichi The Killer

Takashi Miike is a tour de force as far as directors go. He's made many masterful films, almost all of them iconic, beautiful and brutal. "Ichi the Killer" may be one of the most brutal films in his library. When I was first told of this film, I was given a stern warning of how graphic it was. Granted, I'm a bit broken and desensitized, so I didn't think it was that bad! I mean, it's no "Guinea Pig". It will definitely make you feel grimy by the end though. This isn't just a splatter flick though; there's a gripping story involved here too.

There you have it! Be sure to join my Co-Host Charlie and I a couple of times a month over on The Instomatic to hear some in depth talk on Instant Watch flicks! Feel free to follow me on Twitter or Tumblr as well!


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