What's Everyone Going As For Halloween?

(I don't condone dog Halloween costumes, but I may have to make an exception for this one)

I have lots of problems with Halloween costumes. For various and sundry reasons, I haven't had a good costume in about 4 years. Here are just a few...

- My friends suck and refuse to dress up. You can plan a costume party for months, and half of my asshole friends will show up without one complaining about money and time.

- My girlfriend and I moved to Florida a year ago, so with a lack of a big group of friends, it would be a pretty lame costume party with just the two of us.

- I have no kids, so I can't use that as an excuse (as I'm sure many of our resident dads do ;)

Last, and certainly my biggest problem, is that I'm a short dude. Being a short dude, I'm sort of relegated to short things. Leprachauns, Yoda, Lollipop guild members... outside of that it's really tough for me to come up with a good costume. I mean, how ridiculous would I look as Jason? Or Batman? Maybe I'm too self concious, but I just don't think those work.

My last good costume was back in 2004. At the time I had pretty long hair that was a tad Kurt Cobain-ish (or so I was told). So I ordered a fake latex bullet wound from online, and applied it to the center of my forehead. Then I did the makeup and blood around the wound, and proceeded to pour blood down the entirety of my face and shirt. The key was in the types of blood. A sticky, gooey one for the face, and a watery/runny one for the shirt. The watery concoction runs great and created a really cool look.

It wasn't exactly the most clever, or anatomically correct costume (since after all he did shoot himself through the mouth), but the looks I got from people when I told them who I was were frigging priceless. I don't have them on me in Fl, but if I can find one I'll have to dig up an old photo for you guys.

Any ways, I'm posting this so I can live vicariously through our readers, since I won't be dressing up this year. So, what are you guys going as? If you have pictures, please upload! I would love to know what our army of undead fans are going to be dressed up as this Halloween...

Eric N

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