Werewolf's Guide to Life

Zombies have been getting their full share of attention lately and now with the release of “The Wolf Man” looming, werefolk are going to get their fair shake too. In the soon to be released “The Werewolf’s Guide to Life,” Ritch Duncan & Bob Powers describe ways for the recently bitten lycanthrope to cope with their new found way of life. The manual provides guidance on: what to do if you have attacked someone, how to build a restraint room, dating and sex advice, and how to avoid detection. But, until then, they have a very informative website and blog to check out.

The site is great as it includes videos, such as the one seen above on how to talk to loved ones about your recent transformation and a list of supplies that you may need, such as restraints, high-strength deodorant, or my favorite, the "Mangroomer" for all your shaving needs.
The site is really fun too. I especially love the illustrations and calendar that warn of upcoming “transformation dates”, as well as the precautions you should take for your safety as a fledgling werewolf.

I haven’t read any of the zombie type manuals that have come out recently, because I feel like there are so many of them it is hard to find the cream, but I’ll definitely be giving this little manual a shot when I get my paws on it.



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