We're Back! A Look at the Redesign

As you may have heard from the podcast, I've been working my tiny ass off for the past week giving Bloody Good Horror a complete back-end and visual upgrade. I can now say in confidence that I have navigated the Fire Swamp of database errors and design challenges, and can now tell tales of what I've done, and what to look forward to!

What you see

A whole new page design and layout

Although we loved our former bold and cartoonish layout, we thought that it was time to put on our big boy pants and upgrade. The new design keeps the simplicity of the old, but tightens it up a great deal and allows room for more advertising spots, which in turn helps to keep us pushing on.

Streamlined Interface

In the past, the front page had lots of content, but it wasn't displayed in a way that's easy to digest. Now, all of our new content flows naturally into the front page, and only shows the most up to date and relevant content. The Reviews page has been further simplified, allowing you to easily flip through pages of Reviews to find what you're looking for.

What you don't see

A whole new back end

Sounds sexy, doesn't it? Although the back end changes don't directly affect what you see at Bloody Good Horror, they do affect how easily we can post and edit content, which means you will be hearing a lot more from us as we continue to grow

Some missing buttons, doohickeys, and thingamabobs

In order to get the site back up and running as soon as possible, we are missing a few small pieces from before the upgrade, like our multiple RSS feeds, but they will be back up as soon as the smoke clears.

What you will see

Constant improvements

Now that we are no longer hindered by technical setbacks, we have a laundry list of new features both big and small to add to the site. I will be posting and tagging updates so that everyone knows what's new from the nerd dungeon of Bloody Good Horror.

Back episodes of the Podcast

Now that "Chinese Democracy" has actually been released, we don't have a convenient excuse to continue to hold on to our back episodes. Rest assured that we are working on it, and those of you who graciously donated will be duly rewarded.

The same old great content

Although we will be modifying some of our posting strategies to capitalize on your strengths, we already know what works. We'll still have new reviews and news everyday, as well as thoughts on the genre and clips from around the web.

If you made it this far, thanks for listening and even more thanks for giving us incentive to keep the wheels moving and to keep getting bigger and better. We love you guys!


Co-Owner/Managing Editor/Web Developer/Podcast Co-Host/Beard Wizard

Mark is the pretty much everything of Bloody Good Horror. When he's not casting spells in Magic or Hearthstone, you'll probably find him watching wrestling, beard glistening from the essence of Chicago's myriad beers and meats.