Watchmen Schwag Sexy, Responsible

I've been staring at this all day trying to come up with something clever to say about it, and all I keep thinking about is the term "Smurf Penis". So... ya.

Here's the story, in case you want to ruin the one you've already come up with:

A source told that he and his friends were “handed a few of these Watchmen condoms in Columbus, Ohio over Valentine’s Day weekend.”

The condoms come in a package that resembles a matchbook with the iconic blood-stained smiley badge on the front, and the film’s name and release date on the back.

When opened, the neon blue colored condom is presented in a clear plastic wrapper with the tagline, “We’re society’s only protection.”

Again... not a whole lot to say here. My only question is, if you were handed one of these at some kind of event, would you actually use it?

Eric N

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